We welcome anyone interested in contributing to this project, be it with new ideas, suggestions, by filing bug reports or contributing code to our GitHub repository.

  • If you already have some code changes, you can submit them directly as a pull request.

  • If you are wondering where we would greatly appreciate your efforts, check out the help wanted tag in the issues list and initiate a discussion there.

  • If you start working on a feature in the code, let us know by opening an issue or a draft pull request. This helps all of us to keep an overview on what is being done and helps to avoid a situation where we are doing the same work twice in parallel.

For linting, formatting and checking your code contributions against our guidelines (e.g. we use Black as code style use pre-commit:

  1. Installation mamba install -c conda-forge pre-commit or pip install pre-commit

  2. Usage:
    • To automatically activate pre-commit on every git commit: Run pre-commit install

    • To manually run it: pre-commit run --all


Note that installing pre-commit locally is not strictly necessary. If you create a Pull Request the pre-commit CI will be triggered automatically and take care of the checks.

For all code contributions we follow the four eyes principle (two person principle), i.e. all suggested code including our own are reviewed by a second person before they are incorporated into our repository.

If you are unfamiliar with pull requests, the GitHub help pages have a nice guide.

To ask and answer general usage questions, join the PyPSA mailing list.