Techno-Economic Assumptions

Techno-Economic Assumptions#

The database of cost assumptions is retrieved from the repository PyPSA/technology-data and then saved to a file resources/costs_{year}.csv. The config/config.yaml provides options to choose a reference year and use a specific version of the repository.

  year: 2030
  version: v0.8.1

The file includes cost assumptions for all included technologies for specific years compiled from various sources, namely for

  • discount rate,

  • lifetime,

  • investment (CAPEX),

  • fixed operation and maintenance (FOM),

  • variable operation and maintenance (VOM),

  • fuel costs,

  • efficiency, and

  • carbon-dioxide intensity.

Many values are taken from a database published by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

The given overnight capital costs are annualised to net present costs with a discount rate of \(r\) over the economic lifetime \(n\) using the annuity factor

\[a = \frac{1-(1+r)^{-n}}{r}.\]

Based on the parameters above the marginal_cost and capital_cost of the system components are automatically calculated.

Modifying Assumptions#

Some cost assumptions (e.g. marginal cost and capital cost) can be directly set in the config/config.yaml (cf. Section costs in Configuration). To change cost assumptions in more detail, make a copy of resources/costs_{year}.csv and reference the new cost file in the Snakefile: